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Why They Is Important.

Jewelry Appraisals You have often spent a good deal of money on a piece of jewelry. A well written jewelry or diamond appraisal should carefully describe the stones (carat size, and exact measurement , color of the stones, color and type of gold etc.) If this item is stolen and ends up in a pawn shop or is recovered by the police, a very accurate description and a photo, will allow it to be identified. Sadly, most diamond appraisals only state the carat weight, clarity and color of the stone, and a minimal description such as "white gold engagement ring". How would it be possible to prove that such a ring was yours?

A careful description of your jewelry will insure that if it is lost or damaged, (and scheduled on your insurance policy) that you and your insurance company will be able to replace the item with the same quality as the original.

An independent jewelry appraisal may give you a more accurate price for insurance. Often appraisals are significantly higher than what you paid for a piece of jewelry. This may mean you got a really "good deal" or it could be a sales tool. Insuring your jewelry at a very inflated price usually translates to higher insurance premiums.

Jewelry Appraisals and the Internet

If you are purchasing jewelry or diamonds over the internet, having an independent appraiser verify that item is what it is represented to be, and that the certificate that accompanies the diamond matches the diamond is good business and good sense.

Perhaps you need to value jewelry for an Estate. How about Aunt Susie's brooch? Is it real or costume? What is it worth? What can I sell it for? We can answer these questions.

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers It is important to pick an independent Jewelry Appraiser who is a member of a professional appraisal organization National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, or International Society of Appraisers.

Paula is an active Senior member of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and a member of Accredited Gemologists Association and attends yearly educational seminars on various topics related to gemstones, diamonds, stone treatment and ethical issues important to the jewelry industry.

I believe in education and want you to leave our shop with more knowledge than you came in with.